Evolution of a Brand (Pacific Research)

The original logo for Pacific Research consisted of three teal parallel lines forming a wave with the Pacific Research written above the lines.


In 2004, the executive team tasked me with developing a new logo as well as a branding scheme for future marketing teams to follow. The executive team had a few requirements for the new logo. The requirements were:

  • logo modern
  • brush stroke feel
  • blue-green color spectrum
  • brand able
  • if possible keep the three lines


The first iteration showed a few problems. One problem was having a brush stroke feel along with three lines made the logo too complex. Another problem was the length and size of the wave being too cumbersome. The third and most important problem in my opinion was that the logo was not brand able.

One idea I brought to the executive team was to enclose the wave which would help in branding as well as add a modern flare. Another idea that was brought to the executive team was the idea of a slogan. I was playing with different possible slogans and the slogan that stood out was “The Wave of the Future”. They liked the ideas and asked me to do another iteration incorporating the ideas.


The second iteration showed what a difference enclosing the wave, incorporating the slogan, and how much more effective the simplicity of using only one line for the wave. The executive team elected the logo below.


The main component of the logo was finish, but the color was not appealing to the executive team. So I did a third iteration with color options.


The executive liked the first color on my list which was a blue I used in the slogan. Below was the final results. The logo was very effective and made effective branding possible.


Here are some samples of the branding with the logo.



In 2013, the founders created H3 Industries and put Pacific Research along with other companies under H3 Industries.

In 2015, the executive team came to me to make a slight change to the Pacific Research logo to match with H3 Industries branding efforts. The change was to replace the color to the H3 Industries orange.