Evolution of a Brand (HerzogStudio)

In 2006, I started consulting and needed a corporate identity that matched the direction I was going for. The focus of the corporate identity was to emphasis an “All in one marketing solutions”. The two influences I was targeting was yin-yang and element imagery. Below was the two main branding directions I wanted.


To evaluate the branding efforts I enlisted my friends, family, and business clients that had close relationships with. After showing them both branding directions, it became apparent that the variation below was the best fit what I was looking for.


The main feedback I got from the yin-yang variation of the logo was dislike of the outlines on the logo.


After taking out the outlines and cleaning up the logo, my next step was adding my company’s name. The font I chose has always been a favorite of mine and fit an artistic feel I wanted for the text. The font is called “Colors of Autumn”. Below was two different variations that I liked the best.


I then sent out the two variations of text placement out to the same group of friends, family, and clients I chose for the original feedback. The result was having the text below the logo, which I liked because of the tendency for people to focus on the logo itself. I decided to try the completed logo with both a white and black background.


I chose to focus most of my branding with the black background, to me the logo pops out more with the black background. Below is a sample of the finished corporate identity. I varied the design depending on the scenario.


In 2013, I decided to change the corporate identity as well as the name. The main reason for the change is because another company had a very close name to mine even though they were a music recording studio. For this new corporate identity, I changed the emphasis to a detail-orientated design with a classical style. Below were the two main designs I worked on.


Once I competed the two designs, I sent them out to friends, family, and close clients. The feedback I received was very useful in deciding which direction to take. I picked the logo below due to varied options I could take for branding purposes while still portraying the original emphasis.


Below are some samples of the branding I integrated with the logo design. One of cooler things I did with this brand is the business cards. I used Moo.com for printing the business cards and due to some of their capabilities I was able to have four different designs on the back of the business card.